Could stress be positive?

WOW, this is super important! Do you gamble to calm down? Do you have a stressful life? Gambling is often used to escape from stress… BUT WHAT IF WE COULD CHANGE THAT? What if we could change your perspective of stress… Would you really need to gamble then?

Have you seen a bird picking seeds from the street? How many seconds did it keep its head down before it had to check for dangers?

Stress is a gift that has helped our ancestors escape from becoming lion food. BUT has stress served it cause…? Is stress an evolutionary byproduct that is just negative today????


Can you recall a situation when your heart started pounding in your chest, you got sweaty palms and it was hard to speak?

You were probably anxious and stressed then…

Stress surely has a bad reputation… How many times have you read; stress kills you?

Most stress research has been done on animals. Something, that rarely is revealed is how the experiments are conducted. A common way to stress rats is to mentally and physically torture them.

If humans were put under similar stress it would probably kill us too… But we are not rats…

What if stress is something positive? What if it’s our bodies’ way to help us? And what if our stress response determines if stress is good or bad for us…?

Is it possible that even our BIOCHEMICAL RESPONSE is affected by how we think of stress?

You’ve probably heard of women lifting a car to save their trapped child… It should not be possible… But it still happens!

What can create such power?

Neville is married to Jessica and they have two kids. Neville works as a garbage man and he has had gambling problems for years. High stress is part of any family with two small children, and this family is no exception. The job as a garbage man is no picknick either.

Can stress be a reason why Neville gambles? In the following videos, Neville will discover things about the stress that will transform his life.

He’ll learn how stress can be a friend, and how the right stress mindset can benefit both his health and job satisfaction…

Are you ready for a stress revolution? Are you ready for some AHA and WOW moments?

Let’s get started in the next video…