Lesson 3



Here are some examples of my own experiences that I could use in an interview situation.

  • Graduated with a double degree: Proud, high performance, quick learner
  • Didn’t get a job in 6 months: disappointment, frustration, sadness, determination
  • Got a dream job: Creativity, daring, connect things and put in a new context
  • Betrayal of employee: trust, follow up, anger, grief
  • Rebuilt my apartment: I CAN, handy, fun
  • Flying home from South America: Acting fast, calm, I’ll always survive
  • Invited all employees to my home: Team spirit, leadership
  • Bullied in school: Not afraid, be who I am, do things others don’t like
  • Run a company: Stress, management, long term thinking

The next step would be to make each experience into a story that I can practice telling. I’ll choose one as an example for you.

Showing that I’m a creative and daring person that can think outside the box.

This is the story of how I landed a dream job after graduation without any experience.

After 100s of failed online applications, I decided I needed a new approach. As a fresh graduate student, I had not an impressive list of work experiences. Instead, I scouted some companies that I was interested in and send an email directly to the person in charge.

I wrote something like this: Since I’m lack work experience I would be the one that benefits most from our collaboration, in the beginning, the natural consequence of that would be that I should pay you, rather than the other way around… but since I don’t have a lot of money I can contribute with hard work, responsibility, creativity and a will to always do my best.

I sent that to 4 CEOs in Sweden… and I got a hit… The first question I got… How did you know we were looking for somebody, it is secret!

Naturally, I was super lucky, but as the famous Swedish skier Ingemar Stenmark once said… “the more I practice, the luckier I get”.


Want a professional-looking CV?

Here are two resume templates you can use: