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In this forum, we’ll share tasks and challenges we have. We’d like to create the most powerful tool to help people beat gambling addiction. A tool that everybody can use, when they need it. To do that, we need your help.

Some things are time consuming to do, then it would be great if we could get an extra hand. For instance, we’d like to create a network of people that can help others to self-exclude from physical casinos, and we’d like to make a list of how to self-exclude in every country.

Tasks / Challenges

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Tasks / Challenges
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    • Database for self exclusion

      Looking forward:
      We want to give you the best chances to stop gambling. To do that, we believe we need to work short term and long term. One way to do it the short term is to help limit the temptations. In some countries like Sweden and the UK, you can register yourself in a self-exclusion program. We know you can do that in other countries too, but we need your help with more information about it.

      We’d like to build a database of ways to stop gambling addiction in different places of the world. The tools to use are different in different countries. In the US for instance, you can self-exclude yourself from some casino.

      What can you do in your country or state?
      – Is there a way to self-exclude yourself?
      – If there isn’t a registry, can you do it at the casinos?
      – Are there any helplines to call?

      Would you like to help us?

      Started by: Anders Bergman avatarAnders

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    • Details about suicide hotlines

      When someone logs in on QG, we ask them about their mood. It’s a way to connect people that feel helpful, with people that need someone to talk to. We will add a fourth alternative though. Do you feel suicidal? If that’s the case, we want to provide the person with relevant suicide hotlines to call.

      – We need help to create a database of suicide hotlines. Do you want to help us?

      Started by: Anders Bergman avatarAnders

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    • Help with activity

      Our members are our greatest resource. You’re our inspiration and you possess the skills and knowledge we lack. QuitGamble.com is just at the beginning of a long journey. We want to improve every aspect of QG, and we need your help.

      We’ve just launched QuitGamble.com so the most important now is to build the community. The main thing we need help with now is activity. We need help with:

      – Posting things in the activity field,
      – Discussing things in the forum
      – Your feedback on videos and lessons
      – Inviting people to join. (if you like QG, please invite people you think would benefit from being a member)

      Started by: Anders Bergman avatarAnders

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