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      Anders Bergman
      Anders Bergman Malta

      Looking forward:
      We want to give you the best chances to stop gambling. To do that, we believe we need to work short term and long term. One way to do it the short term is to help limit the temptations. In some countries like Sweden and the UK, you can register yourself in a self-exclusion program. We know you can do that in other countries too, but we need your help with more information about it.

      We’d like to build a database of ways to stop gambling addiction in different places of the world. The tools to use are different in different countries. In the US for instance, you can self-exclude yourself from some casino.

      What can you do in your country or state?
      – Is there a way to self-exclude yourself?
      – If there isn’t a registry, can you do it at the casinos?
      – Are there any helplines to call?

      Would you like to help us?

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