I tested Gamban in March 2019

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      Anders Bergman
      Anders Bergman Malta

      When I tested Gamban some time ago, I must say it was a powerful tool. To install it, I needed to install a VPN, which made it impossible to remove from my phone. That’s exactly what you need if you want permanent protection when the urge to gamble hits. I experienced some lagging on the phone, and I didn’t feel completely at ease knowing that all my data was filtered through their VPN. However, the service worked very well.

      I know there have been some updates to the software, I’m not sure you can install it via a VPN (text message) or if Apple has stopped it. The way I installed it was basically a jailbreaking of the phone. (Legal though) The reason you have to do it that way is that Apple is blocking all software that is interfering with other apps on the phone or desktop.

      I look forward to hearing what other people think about Gamban.

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