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A few years ago, I was depressed. When I asked myself what I liked doing, it took 5 min to come up with 3 things. 3 things! I was baffled, my brain was turned off all the fun stuff I used to do.

I kept thinking, and after 15-20 minutes, things started coming back to me. Eventually, I had a list of 30 things. I took the list, and I decided to do a few of those things every day. It’s hard to be depressed when we do the things we love doing. We just need to remember them.

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This is what I love

Activity Forum Who are you? What do you Enjoy doing? This is what I love

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    Anders Bergman
    Anders Bergman

    – Taking long walks and listen to an audiobook
    – Watch comedy series (Laughing)
    – Do DIY projects at home
    – Work
    – Read books about personal development
    – Cook
    – Eat ice cream
    – Play gold
    – Ski
    – Travel
    – Watch Liverpool play
    – Talk with friends
    – Help people

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