We have created some examples of moments of temptations for a compulsive gambler. Remember, these are just examples and meant to give you some inspirations… You need to identify your own moments of temptation.

Traveling to and home from work.
In the bed at night
In the sofa in front of the TV
TV commercial with an attractive free bonus offer
During the lunch break at work
During weekends when there is nothing else to do.
It’s Champion’s League night with a lot of good games to bet on
You’re stressed (when does that happen)
You’re bored (when does that happen)
You see something you want, but can’t afford (when does that happen)
You feel lonely (when does that happen)
Before we end this lesson, we’d like to recommend a book that has been a great inspiration for us when we created this block of exercises:
Change Anything, by Joseph Grenny, Kerry Patterson, Al Switzler, David H. Maxfield, Ron McMillan.