You Have Completed Benefits of Helping Others Course!


We hope you’ve enjoyed this short program. On QG, we’ve tried to find easy things everyone can do that have a profound effect on their happiness. Doing things for other people is one of the best things we’ve found.

You don’t have to give away all your money to charity or give up all your time. This program was intended to show you the small things you can do. In the sidebar on the start page, we add 2 things you can do today to give you some inspiration.

We’ve design QG to help you fight pain. By helping other people, we believe your pain levels will decrease, and the urge to escape will gradually diminish.

Please share your thoughts, ideas, and questions in the forum. Perhaps you have done something you’re proud of, or something that can inspire other people. We hope the forum can be a hub for information and videos for how we can help each other. You’re an important part in that development!

Thank you for being awesome! We’re grateful for being part of your journey to a happier and free life.

We’re proud of you!

You are AWESOME!