You Have Completed Create Change Plan Course!


You have finished the program! By now, we hope you’ve created the first version of your Change Plan. In this program you have identified your moments of temptations and put in place strategies for how you should deal with them.

We’re so proud of you for finishing the course. How does it feel? You’re one step closer to become a happy and free person. With your change plan close at hand, you are ready to face any challenge.

If you make a sidestep, don’t worry. It only means that you need to tweak a bit on your change plan. We’re learning by doing! As long as you learn from your mistakes, it’s okay to make them.

We’re happy you’ve come this far already. We look forward to hearing your feedback about the program. What was the best part, and what could be improved? Your opinion is very important to us.

Well done! See you in the next program!

You are AWESOME!