You Have Completed Meaning in Sick Leave Program!


The main point we tried to make throughout this program is that you have a choice. You might not be able to run a marathon in the next few months or lift 100kg over your head. But you have a choice. We wanted to show you some of the things you can do.

Never let anybody tell you what you can’t do again. In this program we wanted to empower you, inspire you and show you things you can do.

No matter if you’re on sick leave, or in early retirement. There is always something you can do to create meaning and feel part of society.

We believe the feeling of hopelessness or when everything feels meaningless are creating a lot of pain. In this program we wanted show you an alternative.

We’re so curious about what you’ve done with this program. What you learnt, and how you applied it to your life. Please share it in the forum!

We’re grateful for the opportunity to help you transform something negative into something positive. We hope you found this program inspiring.

Well done, and good luck on your journey!

You are AWESOME!