You Have Completed Never be Bored Again Course!


You’ve reached the end of the program. Well done! When you eliminate the times, you get bored and transform them into something you enjoy, we believe you’ve eliminated some pain in your life.

How does it feel? You’re one step closer to become free!

We’re curious of what you learnt, and we look forward to hearing about it in the forum. Please share your experiences, they can inspire other people reduce some of their pain too.

Wow, we’re so happy to be part of this journey with you!

When did you last do the Happiness Test? We encourage you to take the test again from now and then. The Happiness Test is designed to follow you in your development, and it will give you new recommendations as you go along.

Here is a QG High Five!

Good luck with everything!

You are AWESOME!

You are AWESOME!