You Have Completed Our Health Course!


Wow, you’ve reached the end of our Health Program. In truth, it’s not just one program. It’s more like 4 programs put together to one big block. In the program we’ve explained the importance of sleep, laughter, food and exercise.

We hope we’ve inspired you to look for more information that can help you feel stronger and healthier. We wanted to give you a head start. Laughing and sleeping are two easy things we can do.

Challenge someone here on QG to do something healthy together. Perhaps you challenge someone to go for a walk each day or joining a gym. In the forum, or in the news feed you can post things that might inspire others. Do you have any ideas how to improve the program? Please share them with us!

We hope that you already feel a bit stronger. If you continue to do the recommendations from the program, you’ll see results. Take one step at a time, and you’ll get more energy, feel more optimistic and your worries will decrease.

We want to challenge you to challenge yourself! And we are here to support you on your journey!

Enjoy life, you’re among friends!



You are AWESOME!