You Have Completed Our Productivity Program !


You did it! You’ve finished the productivity program. In this program you’ve learnt about time thieves, how to make lists and the value of focus. We created the program to give you some inspiration. To spark your curiosity and show you what is possible.

There are many other programs out online that can help you improve your productivity. We’d like to recommend two books that have meant a lot to us:

  • Essentialism – by Greg McKeown.
  • Getting things done – by David Allan.

We’ve tried to give you an overview of these concepts. To fully implement them into your life will take a lot of effort though.

If you follow the tips in this program, we’re convinced you’ll improve your productivity at work. That would not only make you get ahead, perhaps get you that promotion you’ve dreamed about, but more importantly. Increasing your productivity will improve your self-confidence, free up time and make you happier.

Improving productivity is a broad topic, and it’s fun to discuss. We’d like to invite you to the discussion in the forum. There, you can ask questions, share your experiences and find new friends.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this program, and we look forward to hear your thoughts about it.

We’re proud of you for getting this far on QG. You’re an inspiration for all of us!

Cheers mate!

You are AWESOME!